About Us

Welcome to Cuckoos’ Nest Playschool. Here modern learning and traditional values blend to create an academically and socially enriching environment. We believe each child is unique and deserves a chance to discover his/her uniqueness. Our activities and curriculum provide experiential learning and holistic development for a better life.

The school believes in guiding the parents about positive parenting so as to make parenting more joyful and effectual. The school partners with parents to provide individualised and focused attention. The school counsellor coordinates and informs the parents on the academic and psycho-social growth of the child.

Our core focus remains activity based learning in a unique infrastructure built to international standards of quality and safety. The security and other staff discharge their duty with utmost care and responsibility.

Play Group and Nursery

We give a joyous start to the learning journey of the child. We understand that parents have a range of anxieties about the little ones, but we believe that given the right guidance and environment a child develops the ability to trust, love, communicate, and be confident.
Our curriculum is based on real world sensory experience. Most of the day the child is involved in singing, art, dancing, story telling and free play. There is a balance of exploring both indoor and outdoor activities.

Together let’s make our little ones blossom and give them a happy beginning.

Nursery and LKG

In the early years no lesson is more important for a child than just learning to enjoy learning. Our learning environment is exciting, informative, and participatory.

In early age children learn through hands on experimenting and direct experience. We introduce them to writing, number work and general awareness about the world around them. Children are involved in interesting outdoor and indoor teacher guided activities.